A delicious loss

So I’m a little late on this TFC post since our next loss is only a few days away but I was one of the 17000 fans and supporters that actually bothered to show up last saturday for the TFC game hosting chivas USA.  Surprise surprise I witnessed another loss at BMO field.  So that’s the extent of my negativity for this post because even though it was a loss I didn’t go home totally unsatisfied.

Picture this we left home in the East end of the gta at 2 PM to pick up the other poor bastard that’s joining me for todays game.  Then we drove the side streets all the way to the ex because the highway was closed for no appearant reason(maintenance of sorts).  We get to the ex only two hours later just in time for a quick beer at the pub, pay for overpriced parking and a long cold walk to BMO field.

We take our seats in time for the anthem and both teams start kicking the ball around aimlessly like they’re just not into it today.

After all that effort and agony I had several options 1. drink my self silly and not be able to drive home or 2. stick my face in a $9 stadium sized pulled pork sandwich and make it regret the day it met me.  But it gets better…

What’s better than a $9 pulled pork sandwich you ask?

A $10 pulled pork, brisket and peameal bacon sandwich with everything on it!

And sure enough the day just got better from there.

The exciting brand of attacking football that TFC played in the second half, along with the return of Adrian Cann and Frings being fit enough to sit on the bench was very remenicent of the way TFC played against L.A. back when the season was young and full of hope.

In anycase though Cann still needs time to prove himself to his teammates and reclaim his leadership position on the back line he did pretty well for his first game back from a torn ACL.

The last twenty minutes of the second half were very exciting with many chances and honestly speaking it was just a case of bad luck that lost the game for TFC.

It was nice to see Hardon out of the starting eleven.  His absence from the team was very appearant in the score line since TFC only lost by one goal this time.
Over all it was an exciting second half for sure.  Nothing and I mean nothing beats the excitement of biting into that Triple threat sandwich.  I have once again found motivation that will help me get out of bed into a car and pay money to get into BMO field.

For all my vegitarian friends the game was okay but not worth the drive.

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