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So, March Madness has come and gone for another year.  A few of us at set up a bracket competition, like every other human on the planet.  And well, I didn’t win.  Diceman was the big winner this year.  He gets a loonie and I left for him earlier in the week at his work….hopefully he got it….cheque is in the mail kinda thing!  Anyway, here are the final results….

Smytty did his from Mexico, so he wasn’t able to enter our group. His results are below.

  • Round of 64180 of 320
  • Round of 32220 of 320
  • Sweet Sixteen240 of 320
  • Elite Eight160 of 320
  • Final Four160 of 320
  • Championship320 of 320
POINTS: 1280 PCT: 90%
I definitely should have done better.

And so how did we all get to these results, well check them out here… Smytty’s first

Second bracket is Diceman…

.....and a cheater I might add...I don't know how...but some how...


And in 3rd place was Denstedt…here is his bracket –

Not a bad bracket, but also used some sort of insider trading to beat me...

And here is my bracket….I seem to remember it being different when I hit ‘save’….it was perfect then….And then we have Ramy’s bracket….5th place isn’t bad at all…

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